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Hey Traveler! Welcome to my site where you'll find great ideas for traveling, places we should all visit, food worth traveling the seas for, and most importantly how to do it all in style.  I love going to new places and learning new things from different people.  The impetus of this website began with one simple rhetorical question...

Why don't I travel more?

Alburquqe, NM   2017

Alburquqe, NM   2017


When did I get bit by the travel bug? Early on, I'm afraid.  Which brings me to the most confounding thing!  I let life happen.  I stopped going places.  My world became confined to what I knew. Suddenly packing up my bag and leaving became the most difficult thing to do. 

Yep, I'm that Poor Travel Chic.

No more!

I'm holding myself accountable to see the world, meet people, and enjoy exquisite cuisine.  I want to have the conversation before I've taken the trip and continue it long after I've left.

My blog is to motivate you to do the same and become part of a growing community with me.  Architecture, vintage finds, and landmarks are just several cool things I hope to post on the regular.  Don't forget to go to the blog

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Albuquerque, NM     2017

Albuquerque, NM     2017

Food & Drink

Victuals and Libations...I love those terms.  After all, I am a foodie.  I love great food and I'm willing to try almost anything once.  Is it me or is the term "foodie" too simple of a term to describe those of us who appreciate food in almost a hedonistic way? 

I love nothing more than great food...especially from "elsewhere."  So sometimes when I cannot get away, I create meals that replicate ones I have tasted.  Let's face it, when I have a taste for Coq au vin I can't simply take a red-eye to France.  When I desperately want Paella, Spain eludes me. Poor Chics Travel exists to help tie me over when I cannot taste the foods I love or the dishes I yearn for. This site is to me a bridge to the places I've once been and the ones I want to go. This is what this Poor Chic does.

“Travel doesn’t become adventure until you leave yourself behind.”
— Marty Rubin
Santa Fe,  NM 2017


"When you feel good, you look good.  When you look good, you play good.  When you play good, you travel good."  I might have twisted it a bit to fit my truth...Anyway, that's besides the point.

When traveling, there are a few essentials that one must invest in to get the most out of a trip. They are different for each of us.  I don't know about you, but when I am not comfortable in what I'm wearing or how I'm wearing my hair, it mars the day.  And if the day is marred, then a fraction of the vacation is, too, a bit. Who wants to go back through pictures of great memories to stop at that one and think, "If I could have...I wouldn't have been..."? Many times, it was a style choice-of function.  Learn from my mistakes.  Let's learn from each other's mistakes.  I'm sure you have war stories too. I'm all for getting the most out of my vacations.  To forget these details would be a mistake.


Poor Chics Travel Blog

Well, Poor Chics can and do travel.  I say "poor" because many people don't travel for a living and can't leave when the moment hits them. It would be nice, but we don't.  However, when we do travel there's always the potential to come back with new friends, new favorite dishes, new ideas for recipes, bottles of wine, and so much more. Click the title link above or Poor Chics Travel Blog to see my most recent post.

Seeing double...2018 

Seeing double...2018 

About Me

So you've viewed my overview page.  You've explored the potential of The Poor Chics Guide to Traveling website and what it can offer you should you decide to become part of Poor Chics Travel community.  So...about me...I'm a new blogger from Houston, Texas, back on the trail of exploring and taking adventures one climb at a time.  I believe more people should explore the world outside of their own.  I would like this to be our Shangri-La for those that find packing up and going somewhere a bit daunting.  Read more on my About Me page.  Happy Travels or rather...Happy Prep to Traveling... See you around the blog, see you around social media, see you in the world, and most importantly, see you doing good.

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