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Top 5 Items to Pack

Top 5 Items to Pack

Peanut butter and jelly go hand in hand much like many of the items we pack. Say, a brush and comb.  Or dress and heels.  A toothbrush and paste.  I mean I can't pack sneakers without my socks, now can I? But, I've done it. Here are several items in my top 5 that I must pack in order to enjoy myself on any adventure I embark upon. Just be cognizant of those paired items that will make you stomp your foot in frustration should you forget.  Most of these are items I'd find quite difficult to replace when I'm away.

5. Glasses and Contact Lenses. I need to see. I love my glasses.  I'm a four-eyes kind of girl.  However, at some point during my trips, glasses get in the way so I pack my backup contact lenses. Squinting is not a great look on anyone.  I really wouldn't want to relive my elementary days.

4. Phone & Earbuds. They're almost my everything. They're my camera, my itinerary, my ebook, my assistant. I would be lost without these.

3. A Great Book.  Currently I'm reading Blindness. These things come in handy for long flights. 

2. Hair Products. I’m definitely not happy without my prods.  I have natural hair-nonrelaxed and I LOVE it.  However, to go without specific types of products would be inviting humidity of the smallest amount to the party.  Believe me, no one wants that.

1. Sweater, Hoodie, or Pashmina. I love a soft cotton-lined hoodie.  It's my personal favorite.  I am the most miserable person when I’m cold. This. I will forfeit it all for this.

What are some things you cannot leave home without? Comment below your top 5 if any are different.  Let's get this discussion started.

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