About Me


Hello! My name is Qiana and I'm the Poor Chic that travels. I love learning and exploring new places, meeting new people, and doing new things.  Isn't this the very definition of an explorer-a need to discover and explore? 

A number of months ago, I asked myself why I don't just get up and go somewhere.  I'm amazed at all that I have yet to learn and places I have yet to go. As I explained in the Overview, money is one of them, but it isn't the number one reason.  Nope.  Fear heads this list.  Oftentimes, fear drives a great many decisions in one's life.  I say no to that starting today. 

I aptly named my blog Poor Chics Travel because we can be poor in a great many things.  We can be emotionally bankrupt to lacking friends to trust, or just poor in global awareness. Who's to say what factors into these things?  Friends, I'm not going to say travel is a quick fix, but it certainly can be a road to healing, recovery, and discovery. 

This is not a pity party website.  So we've not explored much or experienced a great many wonders of the world?  So what?

In this new chapter, I will record my adventures. I've already had a great many of them and in doing so, I've made some laughable mistakes in preparing and traveling.  If I can in some way share these things, get a conversation, I daresay, a community going so we can laugh, share, and learn together, then I'm on the way to discovering a new purpose. A purpose that is an online community encouraging each other to irradicate the fear of packing up and taking that long-awaited trip.  Who's with me? We don't all have to be a poor travel chic but we can learn from one or two or three.  Can't we?

Feel free to tag along. If you have suggestions, please share.  I spend as much time as I can visiting friends, traveling, reading, and writing these days. Most of my wanderlust centers around food (currently, Thai is my absolute favorite), fashion (what are the best hiking boots?) because I'm all about comfort and looking cute, travel and history.  If by some miracle all overlap, then I'm in heaven. You’ll find a lot of reflections in my bi-weekly journal, The Carry-On Life too.  Feel free to sign up for that as well below.  Great things are coming! I will have exclusive content for my journal subscribers that are completely free, access to my resources, and links to my travel tips.  Oh! And, I promise to share some of my own personal pictures from my travels too.

I hope my website, blog, or any of my social media platforms inspires you to explore new places and discover new friends whether that be out on your adventures or through the wonderful worldwide web. Feel free to leave a comment on my posts or follow me on social media.  I want to hear about your travels. If you aren't traveling, let us know why.  We are a community of travelers and nontravelers alike.  Who's with me?



"I've made some laughable mistakes...If I can, in some way, share things, get a conversation, I daresay, a community going so we can laugh, share, and learn together, then I'm on the way to discovering a new purpose."

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